Soccer Parenting

Soccer Parenting Association

The Neptune Soccer Association is committed to helping your child feel inspired about soccer.  We believe youth soccer parents will be difference makers when it comes to improving the game and we believe a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club and player is in the best interest of player development.

With that in mind, we have secured a membership to the Soccer Parent Resource Center for all the parents and coaches in the club.

The mission of the Soccer Parenting Association is to Inspire Players by Empowering Parents.  In its Soccer Parent Resource Center you will find monthly webinars for parents, articles and interviews with tips and advice, guidance and support, and much more to help you support your child in soccer.

Mandatory Course for Travel Parents

Sideline Project

ALL parents of Neptune Soccer Travel players MUST complete a 15 minute video/quiz course called "The Sideline Project" to address the growing issue of inappropriate behavior being experienced by players and refs from the sidelines.  At the end of the process you will get a certificate that you must save on your phone/computer and upload during registration.  If you have previously submitted the certificate you do NOT need to do it again.

If you haven't already, you will need to register for the Soccer Parenting Resource Center.

Be sure to watch the video through, then take the quick quiz at the end to get your certificate.

This is now a mandatory component of the annual Travel player registration/carding process. Your child cannot be carded/play without this certificate.